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About Us Meet Gordon

Gordon Murphy Owner | Fort Wayne Door | Fort Wayne, IN

Hi, I’m Gordon Murphy, President of Fort Wayne Door

Though I’ve owned and operated Fort Wayne Door successfully for 35 years, I got my start as a technician climbing telephone poles for GTE. After several years and a string of mergers and takeovers, I started thinking it was time for a change. I was only 25 and about to get married – way back in 1984 – when a friend offered to sell me his garage door company. I didn’t know much about doors back then, but with the help of Bud, our first great service technician, I took a leap of faith, borrowed money from my family and took out my first personal loan from the bank. The rest, as they say, is history. 

 Our success at Fort Wayne Door comes from our honesty and quality work. For one thing, we never up-sell. We may make recommendations – for example, suggesting an insulated door to keep the heat in, so your home is warmer and you save on the heating bill – but it’s always about what you, the customer, want. I’m proud of our customized approach to meeting your needs. So many others do cookie-cutter style work. 

 “Your company is only as good as its people.” Right from the start, I’ve always taken care to hire the best people out there and to do right by them so they do right by you. It works, too: our turnover is one of the lowest in the business, which means you’ll see a familiar face with years of experience when you call for service.